How to Eradicate Ground Squirrels From Property

How to Eradicate Ground Squirrels From Property. Squirrels may be fun to watch as they scamper and play, but they have easily adapted to humans and can often be a big problem for homeowners.

If squirrels nest in a building, they will create a smelly mess, and can also cause fire danger if they chew through wires and insulation. Squirrels can be a huge nuisance in yards and gardens as well, and they love to steal feed from bird feeders.

  1. Sprinkle some mothballs around where the squirrels are nesting. The smell will often drive them out.

  2. Set up a "Hav-a-Hart' trap and remove the animal to an uninhabited area away from your property. If you don't want to purchase a trap, call your local fish and wildlife department. They may be able to loan you one.

  3. Try soaking rags with ammonia and putting them around the problem area. Squirrels have a very highly-developed sense of smell, and the ammonia may drive them out.

  4. Leave a bright light on in the area where the squirrels are nesting. Squirrels like to sleep in dark, enclosed areas, and a light will keep them awake at night, thus forcing them to seek shelter elsewhere.

  5. Turn on a radio, and let it play 24 hours a day. Squirrels will be frightened away by the constant noise.

  6. Keep squirrels out of your bird feeder by adding cayenne pepper to the bird seed mix. Birds won't mind the flavor, but squirrels hate it. You can also try sprinkling hot pepper or spraying a mixture of cayenne pepper and water on problem areas in your yard or garden.

  7. Ask your local hair dresser for a day's worth of hair clippings and spread them around the border of your yard or garden. Squirrels don't like the smell of humans.

  8. Tip

    If you want to borrow a Hav-a-Heart trap, contact your local Animal Control Office, Humane Society or SPCA. If you prefer to own your own, Hav-a-Heart traps can be found in most gardening supply stores.


    If the squirrels are nesting in a building or attic, make sure that they, along with any offspring, are all out before you patch the hole. It may take several trips for them to move their babies, so give them enough time.

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