How to Clean Shoe Polish Stains From Vinyl Floors

Andie  Francese

Shoe polish can bring shoes and sneakers back to life, but when the polish gets onto other items it can be a nightmare. Shoe polish has a tendency to adhere to whatever surface it is put on.

When it is wet it smears badly, only making the removal harder, but when it's dry it can be difficult to pull up without damaging the floor. Removing shoe polish from vinyl flooring is not an easy task but with a few basic household products it can be done.

How to Remove Shoe Polish from Linoleum Floors

  1. Take a cotton ball and moisten it with nail polish remover. Rub the cotton ball over the shoe polish mark.

  2. Continiously switch out the cotton balls for a new one as they get dirty and blackened until the stain is listed from the floor.

  3. Take a wash cloth and dampen it with plain water and go over the area you've just removed the polish from with the cotton balls. The cloth will pull up any remaining bits.

  4. Take a vinyl safe floor cleaner and dilute it with water if necessary. You may use any floor cleaner, a spray type works just as well too.

  5. Mop the floor to remove any remnants of the polish and acetone. Let the floor dry and it should look good as new.

  6. Tip

    Do not pour the nail polish remover directly on the stain Use an Acetone-based remover, non-acetone removers will not work