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Regular meetings are a good way to move safety awareness from the classroom into an everyday work environment.

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Regular meetings are a good way to move safety awareness from the classroom into an everyday work environment.  In addition to company-wide meetings that focus on broad topics, Maureen Alvarez, an environmental health and safety manager at the Goodrich Corporation recommends also holding short, informal meetings with specific departments.

Get started with a short list of topics and brainstorm with your safety team to add even more. 

OSHA-related Suggestions

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s website has an abundance of general and industry-specific topics, including some you might not think of on your own.  For example, in August of 2014, the site listed Occupational Noise Exposure, Tornado Preparedness and Ergonomics as trending "hot topics" Many of its suggestions have free video, slide presentation and checklist training materials.

Refer to OSHA “hot topics” for trending safety issues or search the alphabetical listing. 

Office Safety Topics

WorkplaceSafetyExpertscom reports that administrative areas are possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of workplace safety.  General office safety topics might include housekeeping, clutter reduction and lifting procedures.

Spotting and reducing electrical hazards is vital too, especially in an older building.  Ergonomics-related topics such as avoiding eyestrain, the importance of good posture and workstation setup tips could all be vital for good computer safety.

Interactive Ideas

Topics can focus on interactive activities such as CPR or defibrillator training, touring the facility to review and update an emergency evacuation plan and conducting training on how to identify and report potential workplace hazards.  Businesses that work with hazardous materials can also include Material Safety Data Sheet training as a meeting topic, and manufacturing businesses can review lock-out, tag-out procedures that help prevent worker injuries during machine service or repair.

Personal Safety Issues

Although most meetings focus on workplace safety, you can also address safety issues outside the workplace.  For example, meetings around national holidays might focus on road safety, stress relief and in-home fire prevention.

Turkey fryer safety or safety-related gift suggestions might be appropriate around the holidays.  Spring topics might focus on propane grill safety, lawn mower and power tool operation, while winter issues could cover driving tips.

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