How to Make Snowman From Wooden Posts

Ann Hudson

The snowman character is a perennial holiday favorite. With a little creativity and some primitive raw materials, you can recycle an ordinary wood post to craft a charming folk-art snowman. As wood crafts go, this one is pretty basic. This sturdy and whimsical snowman requires little in the way of carpentry skills.

When finished, he makes an adorable Christmas or winter decoration. Display him alone or surrounded by other wooden folk-art creations.

Making the snowman

  1. Sand the wood post with the medium grit sandpaper. Sand down any rough or splintered edges, but it's okay to allow the wood to retain something of a rough and primitive appearance. Wipe away excess sawdust with a damp cloth.

  2. Paint the wood post with white acrylic craft paint, using the 2-inch paintbrush. Be sure to paint the entire post, including the top and bottom.

  3. Sand the edges of the wood post lightly once the paint is completely dry. Use the fine grit sandpaper for this step. This will add a rustic and weathered appearance to the wood. Wipe away excess sawdust with the damp cloth.

  4. Paint the snowman's face on the top third of the post, using the artist's detail brush. Form the snowman's mouth with a series of black dots in the shape of a smile. The eyes are simply larger black dots. Paint a thin, elongated triangle in the center of the face with orange paint to represent the carrot nose.

  5. Attach the buttons in a vertical row on the lower third of the wood post using a hot glue gun.

  6. Tie the length of wool or flannel around the post underneath the face, for the snowman's scarf. Secure the scarf in place with hot glue.

  7. Stretch the infant's stocking cap over the top of the post as a hat for the snowman. Secure the cap in place with hot glue.

  8. Tip

    To add rosy cheeks, apply powder blush to the snowman's cheeks with your fingertips.


    While you want a rustic and primitive look, take care to select a piece of wood that is not too rugged. You don't want to get a splinter every time you handle the snowman.