How to Recover Outdoor Cushions

Lounging on cushioned outdoor furniture is a common way to enjoy your outdoor living area. The soft cushions found on some patio furniture present a level of comfort comparable to that of a living room.

Although their comfort cannot be beat, the cushions of outdoor furniture can deteriorate after regular use and exposure to the elements, and must be repaired. Many stores offer replacement cushions for sale if your original cushions have deteriorated. However, you can recover your outdoor cushions yourself, often at a lower cost than their total replacement.

  1. Measure the length, width and depth of the cushion that you want to recover. Multiply the measured length of the cushion by two and a half. Then, add the measured depth to the width. These two resulting numbers will be the dimensions of the piece of fabric you will need. Write these numbers on a piece of paper for quick reference.

  2. Visit the outdoor fabric section of your local fabric store. The fabric you choose should be waterproof and durable. Ask to have a section of your chosen fabric cut to match your calculated dimensions. While you are at the store, pick out some thread that matches your fabric as closely as possible.

  3. Lay your piece of fabric on the floor, right side up. Place your cushion on top of the fabric. Fold the length of fabric up, so that it completely covers the cushion.

  4. Fold in the shorter edges of the fabric, until they meet across the depth of the cushion. Mark on the fabric with your chalk the place that the fabric meets, making sure to mark both the front and back sections of fabric.

  5. Unfold the fabric, and remove the cushion. Fold the fabric again, right sides together. Sew a seam down the sides of the fabric, following your chalk marks.

  6. Turn the sewn fabric inside out. It should look like a long bag, open on one end.

  7. Insert the cushion into the bag of fabric. The top end of the cover will be open, and will have to be sewn with the cushion inside the cover.

  8. Turn both sides of the non-sewn end of the cover in onto itself. Pinch the fabric together. It will have a slight, puckered-lip look.

  9. Sew a seam across the pinched-together fabric, to unite the back and front pieces of the cushion. You will now have a finished cover that completely encloses your cushion.