How to Attach Feet to a Clawfoot Tub

Kimberly Johnson

Clawfoot tubs are made of a single piece of cast iron that is molded into a tub shape before the iron cools. Four decorative, metal feet elevate the tub off the floor. Traditional clawfoot tub feet were in the shape of bird claws, which gave the tubs their name.

Clawfoot feet are attached via bolts.

However, over time the feet became available in many other designs as well. Installing new feet on a clawfoot tub can be cumbersome due to the tub's weight; it's essential to enlist other people to help.

  1. Lift up the clawfoot tub with the assistance of four to five additional people until it is at least 12 inches off of the ground. Slide a 12-inch-high wooden block under each end of the tub to elevate it off the floor.

  2. Locate the mounting lug, at one bottom corner of the tub. The lug is a small piece of metal welded to the bottom of the tub; it has a hole in it.

  3. Insert a bolt through the back of the hole in the lug so that the threads of the bolt face away from the tub. If needed, tap the bolt with a hammer to get it to slide as far as possible into the hole.

  4. Hold the claw foot up to the tub with the foot end facing downward. Reach around to the back of the tub and align the bolt with the hole in the back of the foot.

  5. Turn the bolt head with your fingers to secure it to the foot. Continue turning until it no longer turns.

  6. Place a 11/16-inch box wrench on the back of the tub over the bolt head. Turn the bolt two to three more times to tighten firmly.

  7. Repeat the process to install the remaining three clawfoot tub feet.

  8. Lift the tub up, with the help of others, and remove the wooden blocks before lowering int back to the floor. Shake the tub to see if it wobbles; if it does, tighten the screws more with the wrench.

  9. Tip

    If you cannot find wooden blocks, you can also use car jacks on either end of the tub.


    Use extreme care when working under the tub since it can cause injury if it falls on you.