[DELETED]How to Stop Yourself Before You Get Slangry

Lack of sleep can make you do pretty crazy things. Here are 13 ways to stop yourself before you let sleepy turn to slangry.

Remember when it seemed like a really good idea to stay up all night binge-watching _Game of Thrones_? It was fun, until the next day, when you yelled a little too loud about a speck of ketchup on your shirt, right? If any of this rings a bell, that's because you were being [_slangry_](http://wwwurbandictionarycom/definephp?term=SLANGRY).  You get slangry when you're so tired that you break out into angry fits for little to no reason at all.

It's almost as bad as when you're _hangry_, but it's a little harder to fix: You can't grab a handful of pretzels to calm unreasonable anger from a lack of sleep.  Thankfully, you can stop your slanger-self from taking over by making it harder for him or her to come out in the first place.

Here are 13 ways to help you keep your slangry outbursts in check. 

Set Yourself Up for Nap-Success

While you can't undo last night's TV binge, you can arm yourself with the best emergency nap tool there is: a hammock.  And before you get too upset about not having any tropical trees from which to hang said hammock, check out how easy it is to [make a free-standing hammock stand](http://wwwehowcom/how_6507567_make-hammock-standshtml).

Once you have the ultimate crash zone, you'll be able to fight off the first signs of irrational anger. 

Calm the Slanger Dragon

If your new hammock nap station feels like it's missing a little something to give it that extra-relaxing feel, wind chimes can be an excellent finishing touch.  The soothing chimes will relieve any slangry threats so you can really relax into your hammock time.

[Make your own wind chimes](http://wwwehowcom/how_5479496_design-wind-chimeshtml) for a fun project that'll end in a beautifully calm soundtrack. 

Get that Tryptophan Crash Without Waiting for Thanksgiving

You've probably heard by now, but turkey isn't the only sleep-inducing food.  Pork, it turns out, is even more likely to make you tired than tryptophan-packed turkey.

Pork contains tryptophan and has far more fat than turkey, making it the perfect dinner for when you want a good night's sleep.  Learn [how to grill a pork tenderloin](http://wwwehowcom/how_2255377_grill-pork-tenderloinhtml) for the perfect start to a pre-crash meal.

Make it Like Mom's Kitchen

While having your mom make you dinner would probably be the best cure for your overly-tired outrage, there are always [homemade scalloped potatoes](http://wwwehowcom/how_5573545_make-homemade-scallop-potato-recipehtml) to make yourself if mom's kitchen isn't an option.  Pair this classic comfort side dish with the aforementioned pork, and you'll be well on your way to a restful slumber.

Beer Bread = Naptime

As the final side dish for your pork and potato sleepy-making dinner, an easy-to-make beer bread can serve you for days.  So even if you fall into the slangry trap again, you'll have your [homemade beer bread](http://wwwehowcom/how_12343218_easy-make-beer-bread-recipehtml) on hand that'll have you ready for naptime.

Make the Comfort Food You Really Want

There are two types of comfort foods: the kinds that are warm and delicious, and the kinds that have you feeling like a happily swaddled kid again.  For the worst kind of slangry, choose the best kind of comfort, and get a plateful of [homemade chicken pot pie](http://wwwehowcom/how_2306126_make-chicken-pot-pie-scratchhtml).

Detox From the Ground Up

Getting yourself ready for a good night of sleep doesn't always have to start with comfort food.  Enjoy a calming foot bath that doubles as a detox for some ground-up wellness and relaxation.

This [recipe for a homemade detox foot bath](http://wwwehowcom/how-does_4778828_recipe-homemade-detox-foot-bathhtml) is natural and will definitely get rid of any lingering slanger — and keep it away. 

Think About All the Other Reasons You Should Sleep

If your latest slangry outbursts aren't enough to get you to sleep more, think about some of the other reasons you should get more rest.  Aside from being important for overall health, sleeping more is listed as one of the [4 skincare tips to learn in your twenties](http://wwwehowcom/how_12343215_skincare-tips-wish-learned-twentieshtml).

While being slangry is rough, it's good to remember that it's not the only negative outcome from lack of sleep. 

Make the Morning More Exciting

A good way to become a morning person is to create a morning routine that you're excited about.  This trick also works for getting yourself to bed at a decent hour.

Fight off the future slangry with a [delicious homemade pop tarts recipe](http://wwwehowcom/how_12343207_delicious-homemade-pop-tarts-recipehtml).  Once you have these treats in your kitchen, you'll be so excited for breakfast that you'll _want_ to go to bed.

Create a Tidy Bedtime Sanctuary

Of course, if your bedtime space is set up just how you want it, you might not even need breakfast motivation to get some shut-eye at a decent hour.  Set up a tidy [book rack](http://wwwehowcom/how_12343176_make-book-rackhtml) by your bed that'll hold all of your favorite reads in one spot.

They'll be ready to help you doze off after flipping just a few pages. 

Declutter, So You Can Find Your Bed

While you're setting up your personalized sleep space, you'll probably want to work on [decluttering the rest of your bedroom](http://wwwehowcom/how_4513783_declutter-organize-bedroomhtml), too.  Why? Because there's nothing worse than coming home exhausted and finding your clothes piled on a bed that you can barely navigate your way to.

That's one surefire way to become slangry, indeed!. 

Wind Down With Watercolors

Whether you're an avid painter or a casual wine-and-paint-night enthusiast, watercolor painting on your own at home is a nice way to calm your mind and release some tension.  Not only will it help calm the raging slanger inside, but it will also relax you for a good night of sleep.

Try [agate watercolor painting](http://wwwehowcom/how_12343185_diy-agate-watercolor-paintinghtml) for something different and uniquely beautiful. 

And If All Else Fails: Coffee

So, there's not always time for a nap, or a comfort food meal or a super-relaxing pre-bedtime routine.  But, there's always coffee.

And when your slangry reactions have steam coming out of your ears, there's cold brew coffee.  Here's [how to make a good cold brew](http://wwwehowcom/how_4622046_cold-brewed-coffeehtml) that'll cure any slangry outburst, any time of the day.

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