How to Keep Spiders Away the Organic Way

Ever walk through a spider web in the dark while trying to get to your front door? Two words for you: heebie jeebies!

DIY Organic Spider Control

While spiders have their valuable place in nature, it would be nice if they kept their place away from yours.

During the summer, spiders are prevalent in lawns, trees, and gardens--and especially like to come out at night. Read on to see how you can practice organic spider control at very little cost.

  1. Destroy spiders' hiding places. The first step toward organic spider control is to take a broom and knock down all cobwebs that you see and then declutter. Clutter is a spider magnet so by organizing your home, workshop, or garage, you're really taking away the places they like to hide.

  2. Make your own organic spider control solution. Add one tablespoon of peppermint or citronella oil to 1 quart of water. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle and spray this organic solution anywhere outside where you don't want spiders. You can also use this solution on any spider you see. This will kill on contact.

  3. Spray lemon dusting polish on a dusting cloth and wipe down smooth surfaces inside your home. Pay special attention to smooth surfaces near windows and doorways where spiders like to enter. Spiders' tastebuds are on their legs, so when they crawl over the lemon polish, they pucker up and high-tail out of there!

  4. Gather chestnuts. Yes, you read right. This has become a popular, and apparently successful, method of spider control. Place these chestnuts on outside walls and window sills and the spiders will find somewhere else to go.