My Generac Generator Won't Start

Charles Poole

The Generac generator is used in homes to power devices when the power is out. Many people use this to keep their refrigerators and heating units running during winter storms. If you can’t get your Generac generator to start, there are several things that you can do before you call for a repair.

Get your Generac generator working again through troubleshooting.

The most common problems can be solved in just minutes.

  1. Go to the fuel tank on the generator. Open the fuel cap and look for fuel inside the generator. If you don’t find any fuel in the tank, fill the generator up with fuel.

  2. Change the fuel inside the tank if you have left the generator outside for more than three months. Condensation can mix with your fuel and lead to engine malfunctions. Use a suction hose to drain the fuel tank and then replace the fuel with new gas.

  3. Look over the “On/Off” switch on the unit. Make sure that you have the generator in the “On” position. Turn the generator to the “On” position and then try to start the unit with the new gas.

  4. Check over the unit for any cracks or breaks to the unit casing, which may occur from dropping or mishandling the unit. Look for any leaks around the unit. Gas or fluid leaks could be the reason that your unit isn’t powering on.

  5. Call a service technician to come out and diagnose the problem with your unit. Do not try to rewire or replace a component unless you know what you are doing. You could void a warranty or damage the unit indefinitely.