Gibraltar Steel Security Screen Door Installation

Charmayne Smith

Gibraltar steel security screen doors provide security to the home while enhancing the home’s appearance. These Gibraltar doors come with screens and storm windows which can be easily replaced according to the weather.

The doors also include one-way installation screws which allow users to only remove the door from the inside. The process of installing these security doors is fairly simple and can be completed in under an hour with the right tools and assistance.

  1. Measure your door opening and compare the measurements to those of your Gibraltar steel security screen door’s measurements to ensure that you have the proper size door before beginning installation. Be sure to purchase a standard, double cylinder deadbolt lock set for the door, as the lock is not included with the Gibraltar security screen door. Refer to your door’s installation instruction for the proper deadbolt lock measurement.

  2. Gather the metal Z-bar hinges that attach the door to the home. There are usually three hinges but larger doors often come with four hinges. Align and hang the Gibraltar steel screen door in the doorway. Attach the Z-bar hinges to the door, beginning at the top of the door, while your helper holds the door in place.

  3. Drill the provided metal screws into each of the Z-bar’s hinge holes. Drive the screws straight into each hole with even pressure to ensure a secure fit. Secure the screws on both sides of the Z-bar so that the hinge is attached to the door and the door’s home structure. Be sure to attach the Z-bar to the home’s door wall and not the jamb for full security, since the door jamb can be removed from the outside. Repeat the process with each hinge until all hinges are secure.

  4. Anchor the screen door’s header. Position the header on the wall that rests directly above the door when the door is closed. Attach the header with the provided metal screws using the drill. Drive the screws directly up into the wall to ensure a secure fit.

  5. Attach the Gibraltar steel screen door expander onto the bottom of the door. Open the door and slide the expander onto the bottom of the door. Affix screws into the pre-drilled holes to secure the expander onto the door.