How to Repair a Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum

William Pullman

Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaners are convenient for cleaning your carpeted and hard surface floors. Over time, parts within the Hoover Windtunnel will break down and need repair.

The most common repairs needed are replacing the brush roller, which is used to loosen dirt and debris in carpets; the vacuum belt, which is used to turn the brush roller; and replacing the light bulb on the front of the power nozzle, which provides extra light when vacuuming.

Replace Brush Roller and Belt

  1. Release the handle, lay it on the floor and flip the vacuum over so the bottom of the power nozzle is facing up. This provides direct access to the brush roller and belt. Notice there are two red latches, one located in the upper, left part of the nozzle and the other located in the middle of the nozzle, above the brush roller.

  2. Turn the upper latch counterclockwise and push the latch in the middle of the nozzle to "Unlock" to release the bottom plate.

  3. Grip the bottom plate and pull it off of the power nozzle. You will see the brush roller and the belt.

  4. Remove the brush roll from the nozzle by gripping both ends and pulling straight up.

  5. Slide the belt off the end of the roller and the motor pulley, if it is not broken. If it is broken, remove the belt from the nozzle housing. Dispose of the old brush roller and belt.

  6. Wrap the new belt onto the motor shaft and slide the belt through the metal belt guide. Make sure the lettering on the belt is facing out.

  7. Slip the other end of the belt over the brush roll and onto the section that does not have bristles. Make sure the belt is sitting in the middle of the pulley and the area of the brush roller that does not have bristles.

  8. Place the brush roller back into the power nozzle by pulling forward and pushing it into place. You may feel some resistance due to the elasticity of the belt. Do not yank on the brush roller as you may damage the belt, the motor pulley or the brush roller.

  9. Attach the bottom plate onto the nozzle and lock both latches.

Replace light bulb

  1. Release the vacuum handle and lay it on the floor. The light bulb is located near the top of the power nozzle, behind the lens.

  2. Remove the two screws on either side of the lens and pull it off of the nozzle.

  3. Grip the light bulb and pull it straight out of the socket. You do not need to twist the bulb to remove it. Dispose of the light bulb in a waste receptacle.

  4. Push the replacement bulb into the socket and reattach the lens. The vacuum cleaner is now ready for operation.


If your Hoover Windtunnel is still not operating properly, contact customer service at (800) 944-9200 or visit the Hoover website.