How to Clean a Wooden Toilet Seat

Amy Lukavics

It may be easy to simply wipe down a wooden toilet seat with cleaner as you would with a plastic one, but wooden toilet seats require an extra step in the cleaning process. Because the wood is porous, the seat can easily absorb any liquid, which will retain germs and bacteria and further the process of splintering.

It is for this reason that using a disinfectant in your cleaning process is crucial—even if the wooden toilet seat has been painted over to seal.

How to Clean a Wooden Toilet Seat

  1. Wet a textured sponge thoroughly with warm water, and ring it out. Apply a line of dish soap directly on the toilet soap. Use the damp sponge to scrub the seat over the dish soap, using small circles to penetrate into the wood. Every few inches that you cover, rinse out the sponge with more warm water, and continue until you have cleaned the entire seat.

  2. Begin wiping away the soap residue with the non-textured side of the sponge, rinsing the sponge when it has gathered excessive amounts of foam. Continue until you have removed all the dish soap.

  3. Spray down the entire toilet seat with a disinfecting spray, using paper towels to wipe it around the toilet seat. Let the disinfectant completely air dry before using the seat again.