U-Haul Truck Sizes

U-Haul has trucks available to fit a variety of moving types and they recommend specific truck sizes based on what your needs are. U-Haul also sells boxes and other packing equipment to ease your move, all available in one location. Truck size is key to planning the big day.


U-Haul lets you rent the truck, pack it and drive it yourself either one way or round trip and return it to U-Haul at the end of the weekend or the period for which you have reserved the trip. You pay a flat daily fee for truck rental as well as mileage and insurance. The size of the truck depends on the number of rooms you need to move, from a four or more bedroom house to a studio apartment. They also rent vans, cargo hitches and pickup trucks to haul smaller items.


The largest U-Haul truck is the 26-foot truck. This truck is recommended for a four bedroom or larger house. The 24-foot truck is recommended for a three to four bedroom house. U-Haul's 17-foot truck is recommended for a two to three bedroom house. There's also a 14-foot truck, which is recommended for a one to two bedroom house. The smallest truck U-Haul rents is the 10-foot truck, which is recommended for an apartment.


The 26-foot and 24-foot trucks feature an area called "Mom's attic." This area, above the cab of the truck, includes additional space. It is recommended for fragile items that are best kept away from the heavier items you carry in the main area of the truck. Some of these trucks also feature inflatable bladders that ease the ride and can be deflated to lower the truck closer to the ground for easier loading. Smaller trucks are already built low to the ground to make it easier for you to load them. U-Haul's loading ramps are the widest available, again easing the stress of moving day.


Make sure you know how to drive a stick shift, as U-Haul's larger trucks are often available with only manual transmission. Also consider how comfortable you are driving a large truck through residential streets. While the mirrors on the sides of the trucks are helpful, unless you feel confident behind the wheel of a big truck, it can be difficult to see and manipulate the truck easily.


if you're undecided about two sizes of truck, get the larger one. Since you have to pay for mileage, it's cheaper to pay the minimal (typically $10) increase to go up a truck size rather than pay for an additional trip to your new home.