What Is a Pocket Hole Screw?

Pocket holes allow furniture and other items to be put together tightly and neatly.


The oval-shaped holes are drilled under tables, chairs and other items to join two pieces of wood together. Pocket hole screws are drilled or screwed into these holes to create strong joints. .

Pocket hole screws are generally 1 1/4 inches long and have thread patterns different than regular screws. The tip of a pocket hole screw is like a mini-drill bit. The tip is designed that way so wood does not split as you screw into a pocket hole.


Pocket holes and pocket hole screws are innovative and attractive in that they're used out of sight, underneath furniture joints. Pocket hole screws are also cheap and easy to find. They generally will cost $12 to $15 per box as of October 2009.


Pocket hole screws come in handy when there is a need to drill pocket holes. Kits include pocket hole jigs, pocket hole drilling bits, pocket hole screws, a clamp and a carrying case. They generally cost $20 to $30. Also, be sure not to substitute a regular screw for a pocket hole screw. If you do, the wood can split and the joints will be weak.


Pocket hole screws are made with different threading variations. For instance, you can buy pocket hole screws with fine threading and coarse threading. Fine-threaded pocket hole screws are for hard woods, whereas coarse threading is for softer woods.

Where to Buy

Home Depot, Lowe's or your local hardware store will have all of these materials for affordable prices.

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