What Is Hook & Loop Sandpaper?

Designed for use with specific sanders, hook and loop sandpaper takes advantage of Velcro technology to provide ample advantages over traditional sandpaper.



Hook and loop sandpaper uses Velcro to attach to sanders. The sander has the hooks, while the sandpaper backing has the loops. When connected, the hooks and loops hold the sandpaper securely in place.


Hook and loop sandpaper's main advantage is speed. Paper can be exchanged easily without having to adjust any clamps or screws. Simply rip the sheet free and replace.


Another benefit of hook and loop sandpaper is it keeps the paper perfectly flat, preventing it from bulking up and creating deep gouges. The paper can also be positioned anywhere on the sander pad to accommodate difficult areas.


Hook and loop sandpaper can be used to handle all traditional sanding needs.


Hook and loop sandpaper is often sold in rolls measuring 10 yards in length. It also comes in a variety of widths and sizes, including circular shapes. The grit typically ranges from 40 to 2500.

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