What Does Scratch & Dent Mean?

"Scratch and dent" is a term used to describe an item that has cosmetic imperfections but the function of the item is not compromised.


There are several types of items available in "scratch and dent" condition.

Many appliance and furniture retailers offer scratch and dent items at a significantly reduced price. These items include things such as washing machines, dryers, microwaves, dishwashers and various types of furniture. Many times the flaws are insignificant and can be hidden with strategic placement of the item in a room.


Computers and computer accessories are also available in scratch and dent condition. They have cosmetic flaws that do not affect the function of the computer. These items are a good alternative for students or other people who rely on a computer for school, work or leisure activities and have a limited budget.


Various types of food items are available in scratch and dent condition. These include items with damaged packaging, expiration dates that are approaching or past, past season items, food with labels that have been updated and others. Caution should be used when purchasing dented canned goods as the contents of the can may be compromised.

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