Microwave Oven Disposal Laws

Microwave ovens have become a common household item, but unlike other household items, you cannot simply toss them in the trash once they are no longer needed.


Residents should think twice before tossing their microwave in the trash.Residents should think twice before tossing their microwave in the trash.
Those who follow microwave oven disposal laws help keep the environment clean for future generations.

Microwave ovens release toxic chemicals if they are not properly disposed of. These chemicals contaminate the environment, air quality, water supply and food supply. Microwave ovens should be disposed of at household hazardous waste collection facilities.

The Law

Homeowners, commercial businesses and industrial businesses are required by law to dispose of microwave ovens properly. Hazardous waste facilities in some cities, such as Oceanside California, require residents to make an appointment before dropping off a microwave oven. The hours of operation for hazardous waste facilities vary from city to city.


The Federal Government has created guidelines for disposing of microwave ovens and other universal waste products. However, states obtain the right to expand these laws in order to better protect their residents. Always check state laws before disposing of a microwave oven or other universal waste products.

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