How to Get Wallpaper Off the Wall When It Won't Come Off

If your wallpaper acts stubborn when you try to remove it, it is because the adhesive used to secure the wallpaper to the wall bonded tightly with the material used to construct the wall itself. In most, cases, you must be more aggressive when trying to remove wallpaper that does not want to come off. Fortunately, you can minimize damage to the wall by using water to aid in the removal process.

Old wallpaper can be difficult to remove.

Step 1

Fill a spray bottle with hot water.  If you have a large area of wallpaper to remove, you can use a pressurized sprayer, such as those used for weed or bug control.

However, do not use one that has previously had chemicals in it. 

Step 2

Spray the surface of the wallpaper with the hot water and let it stand for five minutes.  As the water soaks into the adhesive, it will soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove the paper.

Step 3

Scrape the surface of the wallpaper with a wallpaper scraper or a putty knife.  Work in small sections of approximately 12 inches by 12 inches.

Things You Will Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Hot water
  • Wallpaper scraper

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