How to Keep Pads on the Bottom of Wooden Chair Legs

Pads on the bottom of wood chair legs prevent the furniture from scratching the floor.
Protecting chair legs with pads prevents floor scratches.Protecting chair legs with pads prevents floor scratches.
The scratch marks eventually cause the expensive floor to look unsightly well before the remainder of the flooring is worn out. Felt pads tend to be the least expensive way to protect your flooring, but they often come off quickly with frequent use, such as with dining room chairs. Preventing the pads from separating requires preparing the surface correctly and choosing the right pads.

Step 1

Choose quality felt pads. Almost all the pads are inexpensive, but buy the best quality you can find. The look of your flooring depends on this.

Step 2

Clean the bottom of the chair legs before applying the furniture pads. Often, dust and other debris prevents the adhesive from bonding securely, resulting in a pad that comes off quickly. Dampen a cleaning cloth with rubbing alcohol and swipe it over the bottom of the chair legs. Wait a few seconds for the area to dry before peeling off the backing from the pad and sticking it in place. Press the pad firmly over the entire surface to ensure adhesion.

Step 3

Select pads that have a plastic disk with a small nail above the pads. The pads are often made of felt or another soft material. Hammer these into the bottom of the chair legs. This type of pad is relatively inexpensive and stays on the chair legs longer than the adhesive pads.

Step 4

Measure the pads with the adhesive backing. Use a ruler for this. Cut a strip of double-sided tape in the same size to add to the pad. Use scissors to cut the tape. Remove the peel-off liner and attach the tape to the pad firmly. Remove the other backing on the tape and press it in place on the wood chair leg. The mounting tape provides a better adhesion than many pads.

Things You Will Need

  • Cleaning cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hammer
  • Pads with nails
  • Ruler
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors

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