How to Install Wood Veneer Sheets on Kitchen Cabinets

Over time, kitchen cabinets will become dull and old-looking.
Wood veneers are available in various colors, designs and finishes.
Purchasing and installing new kitchen cabinets is costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can reface the kitchen cabinets with wood veneers to give the entire room a fresh look. Before installing the wood veneers, read and follow the installation instructions included with the brand of veneers you are using. .

Step 1

Remove the doors and drawers from the cabinets. Lightly sand all surfaces the wood veneers will cover with a piece of fine sandpaper. Clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove debris and let air dry.

Step 2

Measure each area of the cabinets you are refacing twice to ensure you have accurate measurements. Write the measurements down on a piece of paper with their corresponding location. You can refer back to the paper when needed.

Step 3

Cut the wood veneers according to your measurements -- adding 1/2 inch to each side -- with a clean, sharp utility knife.

Step 4

Remove a few inches of the protective backing sheet from the wood veneer. If the veneers do not have adhesive on the backing, lay them face down and apply a light coating of adhesive to the back.

Step 5

Align the wood veneer on the surface and apply light pressure with your hand. Continue slowly removing the protective backing from the sheet as you smooth it against the surface with a flexwood scraper. Add light pressure while smoothing the wood veneers with the scraper.

Step 6

Remove the overlapping wood veneer with a clean, sharp utility knife. Repeat the process until you have covered all surfaces of the kitchen cabinets with the wood veneer.

Things You Will Need

  • Piece of fine sandpaper
  • Cloth
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Flexwood scraper

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