How to Clean a White Sink Tutorial (and Remove Stains, Too)

White sinks can get dirty and stain easily, but cleaning them is simple to do with a few household ingredients!

White sinks are very popular in home design, but they stain and scratch very easily. There is a simple and all-natural way to clean a white sink and remove stains too. You just need a few ingredients that you may already have in your pantry to get your white sink sparkling clean and scratch free in not time!

A look at the sink before the cleaning begins...

    Mix baking soda, Castile soap and essential oils in a small bowl.

    Add some of the DIY sink cleaner to a scrub sponge.

    Gently scrub the entire sink.

    Scrub any scratches or marks left by dishes and pans.

    Use a magic eraser sponge to remove any tough stains.

  1. Spaghetti sauce and other tomato based foods can leave stains on white sinks. A magic eraser sponge will remove them and other stains as well.

  2. Rinse the sink well.

  3. All clean and stain free!


  • Metal scouring pads will damage most white sinks.
  • Some websites suggest concentrated or diluted bleach. Do not use this technique unless the manufacturer approves.
  • Do not mix cleaning solutions. You may end up creating a harmful chemical reaction.