How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless vacuum cleaners require some cleaning to work properly. This can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Remove the large container on the front of the vacuum where the dirt collects. It usually has a lever on the front that can be slid to the side in order to remove the container.

  2. Empty the container into your trash and shake it a couple of times to dislodge any dust.

  3. Twist the bottom of the large container to unhook and remove the smaller container attached to it. This container will have a foam piece attached to a rounded filter. Remove the foam piece and, using your fingers, rub away all the dust that has accumulated there.

  4. Take the filter that you removed the foam piece from outside and bang it gently against a wall. This will remove all the dust trapped inside.

  5. Turn the foam piece inside out and place it back onto the filter. Put the filter back in the small container and reattach it to the larger container.

  6. Reach above where the large container sat and unhook the filter that sits there. Take this filter outside and gently bang it against a wall to dislodge any dust there. Then place it back in the vacuum.

  7. Once the overhead filter is securely in place, put the large container back into its place. Secure it with the lever.


  • If you rinse out your containers and foam piece, be sure to leave them sitting on a drain board or counter top until they are completely dry. You run the risk of mildew if you do not make sure they are thoroughly dried, especially the foam piece.
  • Be sure to stand back when you are banging the filters. The dust tends to fly everywhere, which is why its best to do this outside.