How to Cut Aluminum

Aluminum is used for a variety of reasons. In construction, aluminum acts as a moisture barrier between concrete and stationary lumber to prevent possible water rot. Aluminum is also used as flashing around skylights and chimneys protruding through roofs. Cutting aluminum to size is common in construction and home repair; here's how to do it.

Cut Aluminum
  1. Draw your measurements on the aluminum using either a fine-tip marker or a pointed scribe. An awl will also mark the aluminum well.

  2. Cut your aluminum manually with a pair of sharp metal scissors called snips, which are available at hardware stores.

  3. Cut your aluminum using a high speed milling cutter. This router cutter goes up to 45,000 RPM.

  4. Use a Dremel rotary tool for cutting through aluminum.


  • Always wear gloves when cutting aluminum to protect your hands from sharp edges.

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