How to Clean Stainless Steel Gas Grills

Stainless steel gas grills are great-looking grills that perform exceptionally well, especially during the summer months when all you want to do is hang out outside, enjoy the sunny weather, and have plenty of backyard BBQs. Here we will learn how to keep a stainless steel gas grill looking top-notch, but before we get into that it's important to understand that these expensive grills have one major downfall in terms of their appearance: They discolor from heat. After a few months of use you'll probably notice a change in color on certain parts of the stainless steel, usually around the lid. The only things you can do to minimize this is to make sure you don't overheat your grill or allow it to preheat for too long.

Step 1

Fill one spray bottle with water and 1 tbsp. of mild dishwashing liquid. Fill the second spray bottle with water and adjust the nozzles on both bottles to the misting function.

Step 2

Evenly mist the surface of the stainless steel grill with the water/dishwashing liquid. Gently scrub the surface of the grill using a soft cloth.

Step 3

Rinse the grill with the squirt bottle containing water, making sure to get rid of all the soap. If you're not thorough there will be staining and spotting.

Step 4

Towel dry the surface of the grill using a soft cloth, making sure to prevent water spots.

Step 5

Once the grill has completely dried, mist a very thin layer of glass cleaner on any areas where spotting or fingerprints are present.

Step 6

Wipe off the glass cleaner using paper towels.


  • Never use steel wool or metal brushes to clean your grill because stainless steel scratches easily.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning agents.
  • Never clean your gas grill while it's hot.

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