How to Clean White Appliances

White appliances are often selected over colorful options because white goes with almost any decor and dirt and fingerprints are less noticeable than on colored or stainless steel appliances. Additionally, you can easily change the color or theme of a kitchen, pantry and utility room with white appliances. Keeping white appliances clean is easier than one may think, especially when an extra step is taken that will give your appliances a brilliant shine.

How to Clean White Appliances

  1. Using a dust cloth, remove any grit from the appliance that could be abrasive and cause scratching.

  2. Spray appliance with 409 cleaner and leave on for several minutes to break down any grease residue. If the appliance is exceptionally dirty, allow cleaner to dry completely then go back and re-spray before wiping off.

  3. Wipe away 409 cleaner using a cleaning cloth to remove dirt, grease and residue build-up.

  4. Using a cleaning cloth, wet with hot water, wring out excess water, and go over appliance to remove remnants of loose dirt and cleaner. Allow to dry completely.

  5. Apply a thin coat of wax with cleaning cloth and allow to dry.

  6. Remove wax with a separate, dry cleaning cloth. This will give a brilliant shine and make future clean-ups easier.