How to Cut Hardiplank Siding

Hardiplank siding is a type of cement fiberboard that can look like wood, stucco and other types of siding, such as vinyl.

This type of siding is tougher than other materials that are used for siding which makes it harder to cut. Cutting hardiplank siding can be done using special tools or by using the score and snap method. You can easily cut hardiplank siding by first obtaining the right tools for the job. .

Place the piece of hardiplank siding that need to be cut on saw horses.

Secure the siding to a piece of wood, such as plywood, upside down with c-clamps. Placing the piece upside down will leave a clean cut on the finished side of the siding.

Measure the hardiplank and mark where the siding needs to be cut. You can mark the hardiplank siding with a pencil or a chalk line.

Cut the hardiplank siding using a circular saw. You should use either a carbide blade or a diamond tip blade with the saw to cut the siding. Start the saw before you start to cut into the siding. Starting the saw first helps to create a smooth cut with no ragged edges. Align the saw so that the blade is on the inside of the mark you made on the siding. If the blade is on the outside the cut piece will not be the correct length.

Things You Will Need

  • Saw horses
  • C-clamps
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Chalk line
  • Circular saw
  • Saw blades (carbide or diamond tip)
  • Siding Shears
  • Utility knife


  • Use hearing protection because saws operate at a high pitch when cutting. Use a circular saw with a dust catcher to prevent dust from flying around. Siding shears can also be used to cut hardiplank siding. These shears are air powered and function like a pair of scissors. Another option is to score the siding with a utility knife and snap off the cut piece if you do not want to use a circular saw or other cutting tools.


  • Regular saw blades dull easily and will not last long when cutting hardiplank siding. The siding creates a lot of dust when it is cut and a face mask should be worn.

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