How to Trim Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Window blinds can add functionality to a space as well as provide a decorative touch. Whatever the reason, you may have purchased blinds that do not fit in the window You may have measured incorrectly or ordered the wrong size. It is possible to cut the blinds to fit, but it can be a little challenging and will take some effort. It will require a few tools to cut the venetian blinds to the correct size so they fit your window.

  1. Trim the width of the venetian blinds. This involves cutting the valance, head rail, bottom rail and slats with a hacksaw. Calculate the width of the blinds with a measuring tape, and mark with a pen.

  2. Pull the end stiffener out of the head rail, which is the metal piece. Use a saw to trim the metal head rail on the line you made. Move the piece out of the way with a pair of pliers while you saw. Push the end of the head rail together with the pliers. Place the end stiffener back in the head rail.

  3. Repeat step 2 to trim the bottom rail in the same manner.

  4. Bind the blind slats together with rubber bands and make sure they are even. Trim them with a hacksaw that has a dull blade, so they are not damaged. Place masking tape over the slats, and make a line where you need to cut.

  5. Draw a line with a pen on the valance where you need to trim it. Cut under the line to ensure there is proper room for the metal brackets.

  6. Slide the head rail and bottom rail back in place. Place the valance back on the head rail. Hang the blinds back on the window, and make sure the length is correct.