How to Get Air Circulation in a Garage

Garages tend to be musty and dusty. This, in turn, creates a space that is uncomfortable for breathing. Fortunately, there are a few options to consider when it comes to cleaning up the air in your garage. The key is to improve the air circulation. Once that's done, you can breathe easier and make the most of the space.

  1. Open up two or three windows in your garage and let the air circulate for at least 45 minutes. When you have two or more windows open, they create a natural circulation system.

  2. Place a fan in front of a window (especially if you only have one window in the garage). This will suck clean air into your garage and push the dirty air out.

  3. Open the garage door itself. Also, place a fan near the entrance of the garage door to better circulate the air.

  4. Install a ventilation system (such as an exhaust fan) if you don't have any windows. Hire a professional or complete the project yourself. There are a number of easy, do-it-yourself ventilation systems available at home building stores and supermarkets. Typically, you'll need to cut a section out of the wall or the ceiling of your garage. Then, you'll place the fan in the wall and insulate around it. Once installed, you can air out your garage in a matter of minutes.


  • Always keep an eye on open windows in your home and garage. Open windows only when you are home and nearby.

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