How to Design a Shower With No Door

Designing a walk-in shower without shower doors is primarily a matter of having a wall in position to block the shower area's view from the rest of the bathroom. This generally entails having the shower face a side wall in the bathroom. There are two basic directions you can take with your design. Either can be built by your remodeling contractor, or by your house contractor, if designing the shower for a new home.

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  1. Use a curved wall, so that it forms a spiral. The entrance into the spiral is typically to the side, where there's a facing side wall of the bathroom. You follow the curved wall inside, to the center where the shower hangs overhead or is mounted on the inside of the inner curve.

  2. Design using square turns, instead of curved. Again, enter from the side, facing a side wall. This type of shower is similar in design to a Greek key pattern. The shower head is mounted on the back wall.

  3. Plan the central shower floor with a slope into the drain. Flat floors tend to not drain well in this sort of shower design.

  4. Use tile or other waterproof material to cover all parts of the shower walls. This sort of shower will be a wet room area, like a shower in a locker room, so you'll want something more resistant to moisture damage than plaster.

  5. Add towel racks to the outer wall for either the curved or square design to finish your shower. Also consider adding built-in features, such as shelves or a shower seat to complete your design.