How to Clean Prefinished Aluminum Gutters

Prefinished aluminum gutters are some of the most durable gutters available.

Cleaning aluminum gutters requires scrubbing.Cleaning aluminum gutters requires scrubbing.
They withstand temperature changes and resist fading from the sun's rays. Because they are outside, they do get dirty, which can detract from the overall appearance of the home or building. Cleaning prefabricated aluminum gutters requires cleaning out any leaves and debris from the interior of the gutter, as well as removing the built-up dirt and grime from the exterior of the gutter.

Position a ladder at one end of the aluminum gutter and climb up so that you can reach the gutter.

Insert a hand spade or small trowel into the gutter and remove any leaves, twigs and debris that is located inside the gutter.

Climb down the ladder and turn on a garden hose with a sprayer attachment. Climb back up the ladder and spray down the interior of the gutter so that any remaining dirt runs out the downspouts. Spray the exterior of the gutters as well, to remove any loose dirt. Climb down the ladder when you are done.

Pour 1 gallon of hot water into a bucket and add 1 to 2 tbsp. of dish soap. If the ladder has a safe location to hang the bucket, climb up the ladder with the bucket. If not, simply soak the brush in the soap solution and take the brush with you up the ladder.

Scrub the exterior of the gutter with the scrub brush to remove all traces of dirt from it. Rinse the brush in the soap solution as needed and move the ladder along the gutter until you have washed the entire aluminum gutter system.

Aim the garden hose sprayer at the aluminum gutters and spray them thoroughly with water to rinse away all of the soap residue.

Things You Will Need

  • Ladder
  • Small hand spade or trowel
  • Garden hose with sprayer attachment
  • Bucket
  • Hot water
  • Dish soap
  • Scrub brush

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