How to Protect a Wood Fence From the Sun

A wood privacy fence can be an expensive investment that you'll want to protect and not have to worry about replacing too often. Sun and rain can cause serious damage to your fence in just a matter of a few years if not properly maintained. With the use of a power sprayer, stain, and sealant the fence can be protected for years of service. You can easily clean and seal the fence to maintain its value and appearance.

A typical fence after years of service.
  1. Remove any vegetation that may be growning over the fence. Carefully remove the vegetation from the fence, avoiding damage to the pickets as you work. The vegetation can cause the fence to split and pull the pickets out of the rails.

  2. Nail any pickets that may be loose. Use a hammer and a galvanized nail to secure any pickets that may have worked loose over time.

  3. Power wash the fence on both sides. Use a power washer with a fan tip sprayer and wash the fence. Keep the tip at least 36-inches away from the surface of the wood. The power washer has enough pressure that it can grove and damage the surface of the wood if the tip gets to close. Connect the power washer to a deck and fence cleaner and wash the fence completely. The cleaner will remove the graying and any mold or mildew from the surface of the fence. Let the fence dry for a minimum of 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.

  4. Apply a coat of wood stain that has a UV blocker. Brush or spray the fence with the stain and let it penetrate the wood surface. Follow the directions on the label for proper application. The stain will protect the fence for several years before it will need to be reapplied.


  • The power washer produces a very powerful spray of water that can cause damage, so watch the tip as you use the sprayer .
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