How to Apply Waterproof Exterior Stucco

Waterproof exterior stucco is a solid investment for homeowners concerned with exterior spaces that are susceptible to water damage. With a premixed stucco, you can easily apply a even coat to enliven your exterior space and protect your home. Properly prepare the walls and apply the stucco for a perfect finish and wise investment. Finish the project with a coating of waterproof stucco sealer for a well-protected surface.

Waterproof stucco is simple to apply.
  1. Clean off any dirt or debris from the exterior surface with a wire brush.

  2. Apply a coat of bonding liquid to the exterior surface, using a standard paintbrush.

  3. Grab and hold the hawk in your non-dominant hand, then scoop the premixed stucco onto the hawk with the trowel.

  4. Trowel the stucco onto the exterior surface once the bonding liquid becomes slightly tacky. Aim for an even stucco coat of 1/2 inch. Broad strokes with the trowel will provide a smoother-looking surface, while shorter strokes will give a more textured impression.

  5. Wet the rubber float and sweep it across the stucco surface to smooth and even it out. Allow the stucco to dry overnight.

  6. Apply a mist of water to the stucco once a day for an entire week to enable a slow and steady curing. Wait a week for the stucco to completely cure.

  7. Brush on a thin layer of the waterproof stucco sealer with a paintbrush. Cover the entire surface. The sealer will ensure that water will no longer penetrate your stucco.