How to Match Vinyl Siding to Roofs

The process of settling on the right color of vinyl siding revolves around all the exterior finishes and especially the roof. Matching the siding to the roof is not really about an “exact” match but more about choosing a color that complements the roof material, looks right with the style of the home and fits the the surrounding neighborhood. Vinyl siding color choices can be traditional or contemporary. Custom colors are a possibility for large siding orders.

Stick with contemporary siding colors when selling the home is a possibility.

Step 1

Choose a vinyl siding product and obtain samples of the siding color choices. Retail siding vendors or sales reps for the siding manufacturer can supply the color samples.

Step 2

View the siding color samples at the location where the siding will be used. Place them as close to the roof as possible but within viewing range. This could mean lining them up along the roof edge at the gutter or placing them further down the exterior wall. Make sure they are at a 90 degree angle (the same angle the siding will be placed when installed) to the roof when viewing--any other angle will not provide the right color representation between the roof and the siding.

Step 3

Begin the elimination process by removing vinyl siding colors that are a definite “no." Stand away from the samples at least 20 feet. Viewing from the street or curb will give the home owner an idea of the “curb appeal” of the siding colors.

Step 4

Keep in mind that roofing and siding are long lasting products, not easily removed and will both be in place for many years. Choose colors that are contemporary and considered acceptable by most people if the home will be sold in the near future. Light beige, a creamy mocha or cool gray are good neutral color choices.

Step 5

Continue to eliminate siding colors until one is chosen. Make sure the roof is in view and a visual comparison is being made between the two.

Things You Will Need

  • Vinyl siding color samples


  • Once the colors are narrowed down to two, larger samples may be needed to make a final decision. Contact the product's sale rep for larger samples.
  • Inquire about custom colors when standard colors do not work with the roof color.
  • When stumped for a color direction consider vintage or traditional color palettes as an inspiration. Review magazines, books and online color matching websites for ideas.

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