How do I Fix a Leaking Storage Shed Roof?

While storage sheds are commonly used for storing boxes of miscellaneous objects, they also make cozy workshop areas, offices and playhouses for kids. Many storage sheds are equipped with metal roofs for durability and longevity. However, storm damage, metal contraction and expansion and rusting occasionally cause leaks in metal storage shed roofs. Repair leaks promptly with simple supplies to avoid further damages and costly repairs.

Use basic supplies to fix a leaking storage shed roof.
  1. Find the source of the leak. Roof leaks often result from holes, deterioration and rust patches.

  2. Scrub the affected area of the roof with a wire brush, to remove rust (if any) and dirt. Remove loose nails and re-nail them with a hammer.

  3. Spread urethane roof cement smoothly over the damaged area with a putty knife. Urethane roof cement also protects metal roofs against ultraviolet rays.

  4. Spread the urethane roofing cement over the seams and edges along the flashing with the putty knife. Since leaks often occur along the flashing, sealing is necessary.


  • Do not fix the metal roof in rainy, snowy, icy or extreme weather conditions; you risk slipping off the roof.