How to Treat a Light Burn

Minor burns only affect the first layer of skin.

Minor burns only affect the outer layer of skin.Minor burns only affect the outer layer of skin.
They are not severe enough for medical attention from a doctor unless they cover a significant portion of the body, and even then, as with sunburns, it isn't normally necessary. However, the burns can become worse than they would have been if you don't take care of the burn as soon as it happens. This is due to the fact that burns keep spreading until they are stopped. Your first step is to remove yourself from the cause. After that, you must follow some simple instructions to treat the burn.

Run cold water over the burn as soon as it happens to reduce the tenderness of the area later on as well as how deep the burn goes. Burns spread until they are stopped, and the cold water will stop the spread. For a minor burn, 10 minutes will do fine, but for more severe burns you should leave it in up to half an hour. For sunburns, use a shower.

Take some pain relievers for comfort.

Apply a burn cream to the burn. Rub on with clean hands or use a cotton swab. For minor sunburns, an aloe works well to heal and alleviate discomfort. There is really nothing more you can do for a minor sunburn, except wait.

Cover with a bandage to prevent the sensitive skin from tearing.

Rub on an antibiotic ointment the next day and keep covered for at least two more days. Apply more ointment as needed.

Things You Will Need

  • Cool water
  • Burn cream
  • Bandage
  • Antibiotic ointment

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