How to Use Shrink Bands

Shrink bands, also called shrink sleeves, are perforated sheets of plastic that are heated and shrink wrapped around the top or the whole length of drink, food and medicine containers. They are supposedly tamper evident, and their use is meant to reassure the consumer that the contents of the container have not been contaminated intentionally. Shrink bands are fairly easy to use, and it takes just a few minutes to seal a container.

Some water bottles come with a shrink band on top to ensure that the bottle has not been opened.
  1. Place a small piece of putty on the bottom of the bottle on which you want to put a shrink band.

  2. Stick the bottom of the bottle to a flat surface such as a table or counter.

  3. Place a shrink band that is slightly larger than the bottle's top over the top and neck of the bottle.

  4. Plug in a heat gun or hair dryer.

  5. Turn on the heat gun or hair dryer and aim the hot air at the shrink band. Keep the hot air stream moving around the bottle so that it evenly adheres the shrink band to the top and neck of the bottle.

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