How to Screw Laserlite Sheeting

Laserlite manufactures corrugated sheets to install over porches and patios for roofing.
The top side of the sheets is coated with an ultraviolet ray protection to keep the material from fading and becoming thin in sunlight. The sheets cut easily with a handsaw to obtain appropriate sizing on the edges of a structure. Laserlite One Shot fasteners secure the sheeting firmly without the need to drill pilot holes or seal each screw head with caulking.

Step 1

Place the first corrugated Laserlite sheet on the lower roof portion at the left corner with approximately 2 inches overhang in the front and on the left side.

Step 2

Center the pointed tip of a Laserlite One Shot fastener on the crest of corrugated sheeting on the front left batten. The battens are the metal or lumber framework of the corrugated structure. Hold the fastener with one hand at a 90-degree angle to the sheeting.

Step 3

Insert a drill bit into the multi-speed drill and place the bit into the fastener top. Turn the drill on 1,000 rpm for lumber frameworks or 2,000 rpm for metal frameworks.

Step 4

Squeeze the drill trigger and release it quickly to pulse the drill on and start the fastener in the sheeting. When the tip enters the sheeting, squeeze the drill trigger and hold it until the rubber seal near the fastener head compresses against the sheeting and the fixing head. Release the drill trigger.

Step 5

Continue this process to install about 7 fasteners per linear foot working from the front to the back of the sheeting in a line.

Step 6

Repeat this process to attach 7 fasteners per linear foot on each batten that the sheet touches.

Step 7

Lay a second sheet to the right of the first sheet overlapping the edges of one crest. Attach it in the same manner as the first sheet and add sheets across to the right front structure corner.

Step 8

Continue this process to add rows of sheeting behind the front row to the back of the structure.

Things You Will Need

  • Laserlite One Shot fasteners
  • Multi speed drill

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