How to Take the Canister Off the Animal Dyson Vacuum

You can quickly take the canister off a Dyson Animal vacuum. The Animal vacuum series from Dyson is design specifically to remove pet hair from flooring and upholstery. Enhanced suction and customized Dyson accessories improve the fur collecting efficiency of the vacuum. It's necessary to remove the canister from the vacuum once it fills with pet hair and other debris.

The Dyson Animal collects hair faster than your furry friend sheds it.
  1. Press the red power button to turn off the Dyson Animal vacuum. Unplug the vacuum from the electrical outlet.

  2. Depress the red release button located just below the power button.

  3. Hold the handle at the top off the vacuum with one hand and the handle on the clear bin canister with the other. Pull the canister up and away from the vacuum base.

  4. Enclose the canister in a plastic trash bag or hold it inside a garbage receptacle to reduce the amount of dust released into the air. Press the red release button firmly to dump the contents of the clear canister into a trash can.

  5. Reposition the empty canister onto the vacuum base. Press the clear bin into place until you hear a snap and it's secure. Plug the Dyson Animal vacuum in and use as normal.


  • Never operate the Dyson Animal vacuum with the canister separated from the base unit.

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