How to Pickle a Stainless Steel Pipe

Pickling involves a process which removes impurities, such as baked-on dirt or rust, from iron, aluminum or copper alloys. Some pickling products also shine the surface to create a polished look. If you would like to pickle stainless steel, you have a wide variety of choices in the method you may use, since stainless steel doesn't rust. Using a pickling cream, you may pickle a steel pipe without much hassle or the need for dismantling and expensive equipment.

You may bring old steel pipes back to life using a pickling cream.

Step 1

Wait for the metal to cool down to at most 104 degrees Fahrenheit before you begin working if you recently have done any welding on the metal segment you want to pickle. 

Step 2

Shake the container with pickling cream for about 30 seconds to ensure that you get the best balance in your blend. 

Step 3

Dip a nylon brush into the container with pickling cream and start painting the cream onto the surface of your steel pipe. 

Step 4

Leave the surface alone for the amount of time specified on the pickling cream container to allow the cream to settle. 

Step 5

Rinse the cream off with regular tap water.  Higher water pressure gives you better results.

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