A DIY Continuous Loop Beaded Chain for Roller Shades

The beaded chain on your roller blinds is essential to their function, but it can easily break.
Beaded chain may be cut to a size to make a pull for roller blinds.Beaded chain may be cut to a size to make a pull for roller blinds.
Replacing the beaded chain with a new continuously looped chain is a simple process. You can replace the chain with a regular beaded chain loop or you can make your own custom chain with decorative metal beads. The most important thing is for the chain to work, so follow the chain specifications provided by the roller blind company.

Step 1

Cut down the length of beaded chain with wire cutters until it is twice the length of the loop needed for your blinds. Different sets of blinds require different lengths of chain, so consult the manual included with your blinds to tell what length of chain you need.

Step 2

Take the top panel off the head of the roller blinds -- the plastic strip along the top that you attach to the window frame. Thread one side of the beaded chain through the holes on the underside of the blinds. The bead should stretch over a gear within the head of the blinds. Consult the manual included with the blinds to learn the exact location for the chain.

Step 3

Pull on both ends of the chain until the ends are level. Take one ball on the end of the left side of chain and press it into the middle of the chain clip. Pull the piece of chain to the left side of the clip to secure it in place.

Step 4

Push the end bead on the right side of chain into the center of the clip. Pull the right side of the chain to the right side of the clip. The clip holds the two sides of the chain secure, making a loop of chain.

Things You Will Need

  • Beaded chain
  • Wire cutters
  • Roller-shade manual
  • Chain clip
  • Roller blinds


  • Continuous loop chains may be hazardous to children. Products with a looped pull chain or string have been recalled due to potential for strangulation. Do not install a continuous loop of any sort on your blinds if young children share the home.

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