Creative Ways to Fold Towels

A towel folded in a creative way can bring a smile to any person's face, no matter what age. The art of towel folding, or towel origami, has been mostly popularized by cruise ships and hotels. You can bring the art of towel folding into your own home with a few twists and folds.

Animal-Shaped Towels

Transform your bathroom towels into a delightful shape by folding them in a creative way.

Popularized by cruise ships and hotels, the art of folding towels into animals is one that will bring a smile to any face. Some of the most popular shapes are swans, elephants and monkeys. To fold a towel into a swan, start by laying your towel on a flat surface. Fold the top two corners in to meet so that a triangle forms at the top. Roll the outside edges in toward the center so that it forms two tight rolls from top to bottom. Then, ensuring that the rolls are tight, fold the towel into a "Z" shape so that it stands up like a perched swan. Adding accessories, such as sunglasses or bows, makes this design even more fun.

Boat-Shaped Towel

A boat shaped towel can be the perfect accessory to a nautical-themed bathroom or houseboat. Simply lay your towel flat, and fold it in half width-wise. Fold the top two corners down to meet so that a tip forms at the top, then fold the bottom up along the crease once toward the point. Turn the towel toward you, grab hold of the center and pull out, then refold once again. Fold the top point toward the bottom, then repeat the previous step so that you're left with a square. Grab a hold of the bottom points and gently pull them apart, and you should have a towel ready to set sail.

Cake-Shaped Towel

This towel folding technique makes perfect decor for a birthday party or wedding. Simply lay out your towel and fold it lengthwise three times so you are left with one long strip. Roll the folded strip tightly and pin it so that it will stay closed. Now repeat with two more towels, each one slightly bigger than the last. You will be left with three tiers that can be stacked upon one another to resemble a tiered cake. Decorate with candles or ribbons to made it look more festive.

Flower-Shaped Towel

Delight your sweetheart or bring a smile to a loved one's face with a towel in the shape of her favorite flower. To fold a towel into the shape of a rose, simply begin with two towels. Lay the first towel lengthwise and bring the lower left corner to fold on top of the upper left corner. Roll the towel tightly, beginning with the folded end, so that it resembles a stem with a leaf. Now grab the other towel and lay it flat as well. Fold it into thirds lengthwise. Fold the upper left corner down to meet the bottom of the towel to create a point at the left edge. Begin to roll the towel tightly with the point in the center. Once the towel is rolled to the center, flip the remaining bit of towel 180 degrees and finish rolling tightly. Place this bud portion of the towel on top of the stem, and you've successfully made a rose-shaped towel.

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