Whirlpool Washing Machine is Leaking Water Underneath

It's never a good sign when you discover water leaking underneath your Whirlpool washing machine.

Broken Air Gap Device

Check to make sure the water pump is leaking.Check to make sure the water pump is leaking.
A leak can be from a variety of sources, making troubleshooting a challenge. The best way to narrow down possible causes is to determine where the water is coming from, so you can take steps to stop it.

Check to see if the washer leaks from the bottom when the washtub fills with water. If the air gap device fails that stops waste water from entering the household water supply from the washtub, it can cause water to leak from the washer onto the floor. The air gap device is usually made of a clear plastic that can crack over time. You must switch out a defective air gap device with a new one to prevent further leaks.

Water Tube or Spout

After you turn your Whirlpool washer on, the control panel directs the water inlet valve to open, allowing water to flow into the washtub. The water flows through a plastic tube and inside the wash tub with the help of an inlet spout. If either the plastic tube cracks or the spout breaks, water can spew out of the washtub and leak out of the machine. When this occurs, it's not uncommon to find water pooled below the washer. Consult a washing machine repair specialist to inspect these components and replace damaged components.

Faulty Drain Hose

A Whirlpool washer that leaks when the machine is in the midst of the spin cycle might have a cracked drain hose. The drain hose connects to the outer washtub and water pump. As the pump activates, water is pushed from the outer tub through the hose and down the drain. However, if the hose splits or detaches from its connections, water flows from the machine out to the floor, rather than down the drain. Review your washing machine manual for instructions on how to locate the hose. Once found, evaluate the hose for damage and replace it, if worn.

Malfunctioning Tub Seal

Water that leaks from your washer continuously might be caused by a bad tub seal. You can find the tub seal on most Whirlpool washers between the outer washtub and the transmission. Its purpose is to prevent water from getting into the transmission and causing it to malfunction. Open up the washing machine door when the machine is full of water. Look to see whether or not water is penetrating below the outer tub, close to the center of the machine's base. When you detect water, consult a washing machine repair specialist to help you. A seal replacement requires a lengthy machine disassembly.

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