Problems With Perma Glaze Tub Refinishing

Perma-Glaze tub refinishing can be a quick and inexpensive way to cover a damaged or worn finish on an existing bathtub. However, choosing to refinish and re-glaze a tub and its enclosure can cover existing problems or cause new ones. Before choosing to refinish a tub with Perma-Glaze, there are many possible pitfalls to keep in mind.

Covering Existing Problems

If you are already remodeling your bathtub area, re-glazing your tub might be a waste of money.

Rust stains and loose tiles can be signs of problems behind your tub walls. By re-glazing your tub you may only temporarily cover problems, while the original issue that caused the rusting or rot will still exist and eat away at the structure of your home. For instance, some people who have covered rust stains with a Perma-Glaze coating see the same rust color appear on their newly coated tub. Also, if your Perma-Glaze refinishing job includes tile refinishing, you could be covering up problems behind the wall that you would not discover without removing the damaged tile.

Limiting Options

When you fully renovate your bathroom, you have the opportunity to change the shape of your bathtub and enclosure as well as the color. When you have a Perma-Glaze resurfacing done, your only option is to change the color of the tub and enclosure. If your tub style is from several decades ago, your bathroom will still reflect an older style even though you have paid to have it refinished.

Removing Hardware

To prepare your tub for Perma-Glaze resurfacing, you must remove any fixtures that touch the surface that will be refinished. Most commonly, this means removing sliding shower doors. Many people see Perma Glaze as a convenient option for sprucing up their tub, and do not want to go through the hassle of removing this hardware.


The fumes that are released when the Perma-Glaze treatment is done can be toxic, and need to be removed through ventilation. Most bathrooms have a way of venting out those fumes with a fan or window, but if your bathroom fan is not properly ventilated, the chemicals would be trapped in your house. This can be unsafe to any occupants, but especially to pets and small children.

Work Crew

When you have your tub recovered with Perma-Glaze, a small number of workers will need to visit your home for several hours to do the work. It is not possible to Perma-Glaze a tub yourself. You will need to be available during the work day to let the workers in while they resurface your tub.