The Advantages & Disadvantages of French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators are a recent design innovation that puts the freezer on the bottom and side-by-side doors on top. The freezer either has a swinging door or is a pull-out drawer. French door refrigerators are manufactured in lesser quantities than the more traditional designs, so they can be more difficult to find, although consumer demand for the style is driving greater production.

Space Economy

In contrast to models that have a freezer on the left side and refrigerator on the right, French door refrigerators have double doors that swing out, accessing a full-width refrigerated area. This creates the ability to store larger items, such as watermelons or sheet cakes or pizzas, more easily.

Kitchen Space

Since the double doors of the refrigerator are narrower than the single door, the space taken by the swing of the door is less broad, using space more efficiently, especially if your refrigerator is in a tight spot in the kitchen.


As the lower area of the French door refrigerator is taken up by the lesser-used freezer, you will not have to crouch and bend to reach the bottom of the refrigerator.

Double Door

The double door for the refrigerator on top can be more troublesome to prop open when stowing food and groceries, although some models have doors that stay put when pulled fully open.


French door refrigerators are likely to cost more than regular designs with similar features and space.


Due to high demand, French door refrigerators can be more difficult to find, especially if you are seeking specific colors or options.

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