Home Landscaping Ideas With Rivers

Sherry Davis Zander

A river running through your property or bordering it presents you with a landscaping opportunity that some homeowners only dream about. Highlighting the riverbank with different features will not only enhance the appearance and value of your home but may provide a venue for entertainment.

Retaining Wall

A river running through your property presents landscape opportunities.
Creating a retaining wall will shore up your property and add new visual aesthetics.

Creating a retaining wall for your riverbank will shore up the actual ground of your property and create a visual aesthetic. If you want a more natural look and feel to the wall, uncut stone will provide the aesthetic you seek. Manmade products like bricks give a more formal look to your finished wall. Cut stone can also provide a formal appearance. Materials supply companies carry a variety of bricks and rock.


Shoreside lighting creates beautiful ambience.

Lighting enhances a watery environment. Select landscape lighting to follow the riverbank. If your lighting will not touch the water, simply install outdoor landscape lighting. If your lighting will, however, be very close to the water's edge, purchase and install underwater lighting. During installation, strategically place outdoor lighting where it highlights the curves or movement of riverbank.


Rock pathways add beauty and definition to your riverfront property.

Creating a stone or rock path leading to the riverbank adds beauty and definition and provides ease of access. Clearing away and creating a level path makes it much easier to navigate your way to your waterfront shores. You can try flagstone or other stones or paving bricks.


Natural-looking plants on your home's shoreline add color and privacy.

Adding natural plantings to the riverbank can contrast existing surroundings with a splash of color and create a relaxed atmosphere for a riverside respite. Flowers and bushes commonly found near a shoreline make for an appealing visual effect and can also provide privacy by creating a barrier from onlookers. Find plants that need little, if any, care and that thrive in or close to an aquatic environment.