Adult Loft Bed Ideas

Adding a loft bed to a small apartment can both free up space for storage or other activities and lend design interest.

The Classic Bedroom Loft

Converted lofts with high ceilings inspired beds on high platforms.Converted lofts with high ceilings inspired beds on high platforms.
Sometimes you can carve out two interesting areas: a bedroom loft that gives you a feeling of additional privacy, and an enclosed nook below it you can use as a reading area, a computer area or even a space dedicated to your home business.

Where you have sufficient space and height, you can construct a "raised room," 7 feet or more above the ground-level living space. Lofts of this kind need to be sturdily constructed using 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 joists on 16" or 24" centers, 4 x 6 posts, braced, at least 1/2" plywood flooring and either a 36" to 42" railing or fully enclosed walls. Access it with a ladder.

The "Low Bed Loft" for Smaller Apartments

You can't fit a classic bed loft into a space with an 8" or 9" ceiling. You can still build a "low bed loft" 5 feet above ground level, freeing up space beneath it for storage. Alternatively, one side of the low bed loft becomes storage space; the other side creates a nook deep enough for a work desk. You can buy the storage units first, then build the low bed loft on top of them. Access with a ladder or with steps (which also provide under-stairs storage).

The High Platform Bed

You can built a platform about 3 feet high without railings; the space under the platform still provides a lot of storage; you no longer need a ladder or stairs. Alternatively, you can even build (or have built for you) a custom storage cabinet that supports the mattress; you no longer need a separate platform.

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