Ideas for a Trunk Organizer

No matter what type of car you drive, you'll have use for a trunk organizer. The trunk of your car becomes a catchall for everything you use frequently and for miscellaneous items, including tools, grocery bags, toys for the kids, extra clothes and even old grocery items that fell out of your bags. The next time you clean your car, take some time to get rid of the things you no longer need, and use trunk organizer ideas for everything else.

Collapsible Trunk Organizers

A trunk organizer gives you specific places to put nearly everything you carry in your car.

When shopping for commercially available trunk organizers, you'll find a number of varieties known as collapsible trunk organizers. The advantage to using this type of organizer is that it's available when you need it but doesn't take up too much space. The organizer typically fits the width of your trunk but is slightly shorter than the trunk. The sides and the bottom of the organizer are strong enough to stand on their own, but only when you pull up on the sides. Lay the organizer flat when you need the space in your trunk. The downside is that the trunk may not have as many pockets or cubbyholes as you need, and it may turn into another catchall for miscellaneous stuff.

Open Trunk Organizers

An open trunk organizer is one that you can make yourself, either from wicker baskets, fabric boxes or even cardboard boxes. Measure the size of your trunk first, which gives you the approximate space available. Make piles of everything that you typically carry in your trunk to see how many boxes you need for each item. For example, use one large basket for groceries, another basket for tools, a basket for extra blankets and smaller baskets for personal products or extra clothing. Fill each basket or box with your items, and, when you arrange them in your trunk, place the less frequently used items toward the back. Look for baskets with handles, which are easier to remove.

Closed Box Organizers

Closed box trunk organizers are similar to the open ones except that you use regular boxes, such as plastic storage boxes. You'll need to measure the size of your trunk carefully as the taller plastic boxes might not fit into your space. Label the front of each box, describing exactly what's inside. Use smaller plastic boxes for first-aid products and personal care products. Look for interlocking plastic boxes that you can stack onto each other.

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