How to Rekey a Door Lock

Get tips for rekeying the locks in your home and learn how to rekey the locks when replacing a door lock in this free home security video from a professional handyman.

About the Author

Mark Sullivan has been a professional automotive mechanic and high performance engine builder for 16 years. Mark was trained as an auto-union mechanic and has worked professionally as a line mechanic on Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, BMW, NSU, and Volkswagen automobiles. He has designed and built racing cars for track and off-road races. He has worked at factory dealer service departments, independent automotive repair facilities, and worked with private racing teams. Mark has built numerous high performance engines for street and race cars. His specialties include tubular frame chassis design and construction, transmission ratio calculations, combustion head and engine case machining, crankshaft set up (stroker, counterweighted, and roller bearing). His capabilities include expertise on multiple carburetor systems, intake and valve porting, header exhaust systems, fuel injection, nitrous, high capacitive discharge ignition, and timing systems, double wishbone and more!