Shower Pan Refinishing

Nothing looks worse or dates a bathroom more than a stained or chipped bathtub or shower pan.

Professional Refinishing

There are several refinishing options for you to consider to make that tub or shower look like new without replacing your existing fixture. There are also knowledgeable and experienced professionals who will do the work for you. .

A shower pan is made out of either porcelain or fiberglass and both types can be professionally refinished. The refinishing process requires anywhere from a full day to a day and a half. After the shower pan is chemically cleaned and any scratches or nicks are repaired, a trained craftsman will apply five coats of acrylic urethane by spraying it on the surface of the shower pan. Then this surface will be sanded resulting in a smooth and glossy finish. You also have the option of matching the existing color of the fixture or changing the color to update your decor.

It is more cost-effective to refinish the shower pan than to replace it. Replacing a shower pan often results in also having to repair the surrounding shower walls (due to damage during the removal of the old shower pan).

Non-Spray Refinishing

There is also a method that is more friendly to the environment. It is a process that does not require a spray-on finish and the process is used on porcelain fixtures. After the porcelain surface is cleaned and repaired, a polymer is applied by hand. The plus to this process is that the odor is kept to a minimum.

Liner or Clean and Polish Option

Another choice is to have a shower pan liner installed. This is a liner that fits over an existing shower pan. There is no messy refinishing or removal of the old shower pan and the shower pan will look like new. This method is lower in cost than replacing an existing shower pan.

Finally, if you are on an extremely tight budget, you might want to consider having your shower pan professionally cleaned and polished. The professional will be able to remove any existing stains and soap film as well as repair any chips or cracks.

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