How to Install Caulking Around Windows

How to Install Caulking Around Windows. Stop those annoying little drafts in your home by caulking around the exterior of your windows. Use a paintable caulk so that you can paint over it if you like. Follow these few steps to prevent drafts from entering your home.

  1. Scrape and clean the area to be caulked, removing paint chips and dirt.

  2. Cut 1/4 inch off of the tip of the caulking tube with a utility knife.

  3. Slide tube into caulking gun.

  4. Run a 1/8-inch bead of caulk between window frame and siding. Look for any area where the elements outside can get into interior of your home.

  5. Smooth the bead of caulk with the edge of an ice cream stick. Clean excess buildup of caulk from the stick every 6 inches.

  6. Let dry for 24 hours before painting.

  7. Tip

    Apply caulk on warm, dry days. Clean the tip of the caulk tube frequently to keep the caulk from building up and making it difficult to run a smooth bead.


    Do not use your finger to smooth caulk. Many of them contain chemicals harmful to your skin.